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Senior Backend Engineer
San Francisco Bay Area OR Seattle, Washington, California OR Washington, USA

Job Title

Senior Backend Engineer

Job Description

Us: Dumpling builds tools that empower anyone to start, run, and grow their own local, shopping, and delivery businesses. We operate in all 50 states, powering thousands of entrepreneurs to start their own companies. Our business owners receive financial freedom and every tool needed to run a digitally native grocery delivery company. This includes a credit card to fund purchases, a mobile app to manage their business, a marketing website, a client app to easily build shopping lists plus place orders, and coaching to empower them to meet their goals. We enable a highly personalized shopper and customer experience empowered by direct communication between shoppers and customers, leading to consistent and delightful service experiences, every time!

As a small, highly motivated team, our work revolves around empowering business owners and supporting relationships in communities, powering local economies.

  • our team is made of collaborative, communicative, self-starters, who seek to wear multiple hats the vibe is laid back while centered on working hard together towards our mission: building tools - - to support local service businesses and community relationships
  • as a team, we're ready to switch contexts in a moment's notice so we can effectively help our Dumpling business owners start, grow, and scale their businesses.



  • Built cloud infrastructures in your sleep. You know how to take a feature from scratch to fully supported in production and enjoy owning end-to-end features including the bugs and support that come with them.
  • Intrinsically familiar with using AWS, relational databases, Python, and web scraping/indexing to implement clean product catalogs from messy public data
  • Define yourself as a backend expert. Thrilled to outline the plan, technology, and design. Then implement it all into an elegant integrated system with the Mobile-first frontend. Balancing networking, storage, and compute, you think your solutions through so our users will not have issues in the real-world.
  • Seek out continuous learning (alone and with your colleagues). Happiness is trying new solutions, listening to how others approach problems, and implementations. Yet not at the cost of getting your work shipped on time.
  • Humble yourself with hands-on customer chat support to ensure you know and understand our business owner's challenges. In fact, deep down, you believe it makes you better at your job.
  • Listen and understand a multitude of internal and external stakeholders at different levels of tech-savviness. Produce efficient solutions that align with their needs and prioritize usability throughout the customer journey.


  • We will transparently share our entire compensation ethos early in your interviews. Medical, dental, and vision offerings are through TriNet with multiple plans to suit you.
  • Unlimited PTO and you are required to take! Everyone from the Founders to the front line business owner coaches knows that time off brings new ideas, clear minds, and healthy team members.
  • Post-Covid we will resume quarterly team-fun get-together. We seek peers who are excited to spend time together whenever possible.
  • You get to genuinely improve the happiness and financial independence of every Dumpling business owners and their clients!


It's a Covid-reality, everyone at Dumpling works from home. Our team was founded remote-first/friendly with dual headquarters in Seattle, WA, and Berkeley, CA. We're keeping up with remote-work best practices, especially during Covid.

This role does require proximity to your coworkers for optimal success. Post-Covid, as a part of your application, we do ask you to be ready and willing to relocate to Seattle or the San Francisco Bay Area so you can work directly with our Founders. Most days will be remote but several times a month you’ll be in the same office with them.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


Python, AWS, Web Scraping, Relational Databases, and knowledgable balancing of storage/compute/usability in the real-world

About the Company

Dumpling is a less exploitative alternative to Instacart that allows gig shoppers to make more money and have more control over how they work. You get to set your own prices, shop any store you want, and you don’t have an app barking orders at you all day. You’ll have to put more effort into customer service than with other apps because they don’t have any formal partnerships with grocery stores. Unlike other gig marketplaces, dumpling does not provide continuous clients to shop for, so shoppers have to figure out how to drum up business on their own. If you’re good at finding new customers or transitioning your customers from other delivery apps, it doesn’t take long to make a decent income. If you’re really good, you may be able to quit other gig platforms after a few months. If you’re not good at marketing, it will be difficult for you to make a living with dumpling - it really only works if you have a whole lot of hustle and some time to build your client base.

Contact Info

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