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Rotki Backend developer
Rotki Solutions GmbH
Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Job Title

Rotki Backend developer

Job Description

We are looking for a python backend developer to help us improve Rotki, the opensource cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and accounting tool specializing in cryptocurrencies.

You will work mostly with the founder (Lefteris) who is presently the only other developer working in the backend. The task is to help in the development of new features, supporting more exchanges, more blockchains, more DeFi protocols and solving all issues/bugs that are coming our way.

Since this is a startup you will probably wear a lot of hats and may need to also help with the backend/infrastructure of our website and API (also python using django)

For more info about the position check out:


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please


Technical requirements:

  • Excellent command of python.
  • Experience in at least another programming language (Go, C/C++, Rust etc.).
  • Write tests for features you code and bugs you fix. Not strict TDD, but also not complete absence of tests.
  • Good technical understanding of Ethereum blockchain, interacting with it, querying it and knowing technical details of how it operates.
  • [Optional] Similar knowledge of another blockchain protocol (e.g. Bitcoin).
  • [Semi-Optional] Experience in django (should be easy to learn for a python dev).
  • [Optional] Understanding of frontend tech used in rotki: Typescript + vue.js + electron.
  • [Optional] Good understanding of docker and generally infrastructure related tech pertaining to web servers.

Non-Technical requirements:

  • Be a team player.
  • Be an independent thinker and have a proactive can-do attitude. You will be guided for most tasks and there is always going to be mentoring when required but the more you manage to fend off by yourself the smoother the whole team will work.
  • Be user-minded. The user is king. Everything we implement in Rotki, we do so that our end users are happy and have their problems solved.
  • Have excellent English speaking skills.
  • [Optional] Be located in Berlin or somewhere close. The other 2 full time members of Rotki are here and meeting face to face is valuable.

About the Company

Rotki Solutions is a startup in the true sense of the word. A side-project trying to grow and get out into the world. We are building Rotki, the opensource portfolio tracking and accounting tool that protects user privacy. The main focus of Rotki is cryptocurrencies but we also want to handle traditional finance portfolios.

One of the strongest advantages of Rotki is privacy and transparency. Literally every other portfolio tracking/accounting tool in the cryptocurrency space is an online web application. We take a different approach by being an opensource local application keeping all the financial data of the user local and encrypted. This way the user's sensitive financial data can not be compromised in a leak or a hack thanks to us being a local app. Furthermore by being opensource we are completely transparent in what we do with the user's data and also in how we do the accounting calculations. Anyone can audit our software and does not need to take our word for it.

We are a small all-remote team based in Berlin, Germany. We also have many opensource volunteers contributing to Rotki from all around the world. At this point we are looking to grow the core team and for that we are looking for a backend python developer to help us

More information:

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