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Python script for networking
St. Louis, Mo, USA

Job Title

Python script for networking

Job Description

I need someone to help write a Python script to perform these jobs:

In the server list in text file (.txt); one for Windows, and one for Linux:

  1. O/S version, IP addresses, Hostnames, local group, local users, and local admins
  2. Which services are running on each server?
  3. The status of particular services are running on a particular server
  4. To force a service to start if it's not running
  5. To force services to start in order.
  6. If cannot be started, why?
  7. Can we pull the error messages to show why?


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • Agencies are OK


Test on my virtual network with Linux and Windows servers to make sure it works.

About the Company

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Previous Senior Software Quality Assurance Automation Engineer, Business Wire in New York, NY, United States Next Senior Software Engineer, Python Platform Team, Wayfair in Boston, Massachusetts, USA