• Work with the product team to understand and prioritize evolving requirements.
  • Writing, reviewing, and deploying code.
  • Contribute to the technical roadmap, i…">

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    Senior Software Engineer
    San Francisco or New York, United States

    Job Title

    Senior Software Engineer

    Job Description

    • Work with the product team to understand and prioritize evolving requirements.
    • Writing, reviewing, and deploying code.
    • Contribute to the technical roadmap, including architecture and development infrastructure.
    • Contribute to the product being scalable and maintainable.
    • Support managing and and breaking down large product and technical efforts.
    • Contribute to machine learning and large language model (LLM) pipelines and APIs, including OpenAI (GPT-3.5 and GPT-4), Azure (OpenAI), Anthropic (Claude), and others.

    In The First Week, Expect To:

    • Deploy a feature.
    • Get up to speed on the product and the team.
    • Meet with the broader team and understand their roles and responsibilities.
    • Understand the technical architecture and roadmap.

    In The First Month, Expect To:

    • Ship 1-2 major product features or technical enhancements.
    • Review the current engineering work and provide inputs on areas for improvement or prioritization.
    • Ship an LLM-powered coaching scenario.

    In The First Three Months, Expect To:

    • Strategize and scope on multiple on large technical projects.
    • Drive improvements to our codebase and process to quickly build secure, maintainable software.
    • Ensure that all code is of high quality and is easily maintainable.

    In The First 6-12 Months, Expect To:

    • Continue shipping work on major product initiatives.
    • Support the broader technical team and ensure that all work is executed efficiently and effectively
    • Become a critical member of the team that is responsible for the success of the product.
    • Take on additional responsibility as a senior member of Valence’s team.
    • Take the product to scale with dozens of Fortune 1000 companies and thousands of users.


    • Telecommuting is OK
    • No Agencies Please


    • Experience working with Python and Django
    • Experience working with AWS infrastructure (Elastic Container Service, Terraform, Relational Data Store, etc.) and Heroku
    • Experience with LLMs and ML/data is a plus
    • Experience managing and executing on large technical endeavors.
    • Experience owning a technical architecture and roadmap.
    • Exposure to early-stage startups, preferably B2B Saas.

    About the Company

    Why Valence

    Valence’s mission is to help the world work better, together with our first-to-market gen AI leadership and team coaching platform for F500 enterprises. We are only looking for high performing, driven, curious, and high ownership professionals to come join us in the next phase of building Valence.

    Pioneered Gen-AI Coaching: Launched our groundbreaking AI product to market in just 2 months, swiftly concluding our beta in 8 weeks. We're ahead and accelerating.

    Unmatched B2B Speed: Sealed our first AI enterprise deal in 60 days, outpacing the standard 9-month cycle. The elite queue up for us.

    Masters in Enterprise SaaS Sales: Our tools were a staple in F500s like ExxonMobil and Coca Cola before we even completed venture funding. We set the standard.

    Humanizing AI Like No Other: Our AI coach offers unparalleled, intimate interactions that nurture growth at work. We’re a trusted, human-like partner to our users.

    Hyper-Growth Innovators: We excel in rapid, experimental progress, learning and evolving faster than anyone else.

    Elite Problem-Solvers: Our team, drawn from the top 1% with backgrounds in McKinsey and Bridgewater, tackles the toughest problems.

    Featured in the Harvard Business Review (as “Shift”) and working with world class companies like Coca Cola, Nestle, ServiceNow, AstraZeneca, Bristol Meyers Squibb, and more F500.

    Contact Info

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