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Vacation rental marketplace development using Python

Project needs

The customer is a technology startup based in Germany. With the increasing popularity of vacation rental marketplaces like Airbnb, the company decided to create a web platform that would connect hosts with travelers in its own country, as well as around the world.

As the client had to demonstrate a software product to investors, it was essential to deliver it under tight deadlines. Realizing that an online lodging marketplace would potentially have millions of users, ensuring scalability, high availability, and performance was of the highest importance.

For the purpose of hiring a trusted IT partner, the startup approached Arateg, a reward-winning IT firm with considerable experience in online marketplace development. Speeding up marketplace development

As long as it was crucial to reduce time to market while achieving performance, our team used Python that focuses on simplicity and code readability. At Arateg, we love this programming language for not only its high development speed but also for the variety of libraries, frameworks, and functionality packages that Python provides. Thanks to this, it is possible to build many components in a more rapid way.

When making this vacation rental marketplace, for example, we employed Python and its tools to work out complex business logic that involves data analysis and system administration. To streamline development, our software experts also utilized PyPy, which is a just-in-time compiler.

With Django, we implemented features such as safe sign-in/up and sign-out much easier. As Django contains a secure authentication system that handles user accounts, permissions, and cookie-based sessions, we did not have to deliver this module from scratch.

Using this technology, our programmers created the interface of an admin panel that allows vendors and marketplace owners to manage website content. Then, we applied Django-filter to enable convenient apartment search across the platform.

Finally, by enabling a continuous integration/deployment pipeline (CI/CD), our team automated testing and deployment processes, which contributed to reduced time to market. Ensuring scalability, high availability, and performance

To achieve scalability and high availability, our engineers created a set of loosely coupled services, each built around a complex feature, for instance, apartment search, data analytics, and chat communication. With a microservices architecture, we also facilitated infrastructure maintenance.

Using the FastAPI framework ( that supports asynchronous programming, our team developed a web marketplace platform that can maintain a fast-growing number of users and handle heavy loads. In order to improve performance, we utilized Memcached and Redis, which allowed for reducing page load times.

The outcome

Cooperating with Arateg, the company created a vacation rental marketplace—connecting guests with hosts based in Germany—in 4 months. With Python and its tools, the customer was able to achieve a higher development speed, as well as improve scalability and high availability.

Applying the Agile approach, the startup faster received a software system that aligned with goals and expectations. Building the solution under strict deadlines, the client managed to demonstrate it to investors and raise capital.

About Arateg

Founded in 2014, Arateg is a reliable provider of marketplace development services that assists startups and SMEs in resolving business challenges and generating profit. Based in Eastern Europe, Arateg employs cutting-edge technologies and follows best practices to achieve scalability, high availability, performance, and security.

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