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Python Developer New
Remote, Remote, United States

Job Title

Python Developer

Job Description

We are seeking a highly accomplished Python developer. The successful candidate will be responsible for:

  1. Deploying our AI models into production. So beyond Python, ideally has AI/ML experience.
  2. Multithreading & multiprocessing
  3. Write Python scripts to manage our deployment pipeline. Be familiar with Docker and AWS.
  4. Strong database knowledge - especially MongoDB and PostgreSQL
  5. Ideally be familiar with NVIDIA GPU and managing processes


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


  1. 3+ years experience in Python
  2. Multithreading/multiprocessing experience
  3. Strong with object-oriented programming
  4. AI/ML experience. Ideally familiar with Tensorflow, Keras & other applications.
  5. MongoDB and PostgreSQL
  6. Docker & managing pipelines
  7. AWS
  8. Ideally NVIDIA GPU knowledge

About the Company

SkillSoniq hires great talent for projects within SkillSoniq or with our Clients. Below is the hiring process we follow:

  1. We review applications and resumes for relevant skills and experience
  2. Profiles that get short-listed are contacted by SkillSoniq on next steps
  3. You then go through a few rounds of interviews for the project
  4. If you get selected, you are advised on next steps and paid by SkillSoniq

Contact Info

Previous Software Engineer, 4Degrees in CHICAGO, IL, United States Next Senior Python Data Engineer, Gemini in New York, New York, United States