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The Python Software Foundation Sponsorship Program

The PSF is excited to unveil a new sponsorship program that offers an array of benefits across the Python Software Foundation, PyPI (Python Package Index), CPython, and PyCon US.

Sponsorship provides a full range of benefits supporting Python’s ecosystem that include a broad selection of promotional opportunities during PyCon US and also year-round. Join us as a sponsor and help make a difference in the Python ecosystem!


COVID-19 has changed all aspects of our lives and is reshaping our future. PyCon US typically generates over 65% of the PSF’s revenue. With PyCon US 2020 and 2021 happening virtually, the PSF may lose $1.2 million USD of expected revenue for those two years.

In 2019, the strategic plan for the PSF shifted towards supporting CPython sustainability with plans to hire three full time Pythonistas to address maintenance, R&D, and education. With lower expected income from PyCon US for two years, we need sponsorship support to make these plans a reality. Other 2020 plans put on hold include improving support and continuing more grants program funding.

The PSF is researching ways we can diversify our revenue streams, but cannot replace the near-term loss of $1.2 million USD. Your support is more important than ever!

What Does the PSF DO?

More information about what the PSF does can be found here.

How Can I Get Involved?

All of these initiatives help maintain and support the Python community and Python tools that you and the Python community use daily. This work can only be done with the generous financial support that organizations like yours provide. Whether you want to give back to this vibrant community or perhaps introduce your business or brand to like-minded industry professionals, the Python Software Foundation can help you accomplish those goals. Your contributions matter and they make an impact!

The PSF is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, and donations are tax-deductible for organizations that pay taxes in the United States.

We hope you’ll join us as a sponsor and help make a difference in the Python ecosystem.

We’d love to talk with you. Please get in touch by contacting: