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How To Submit to the Python Job Board

The Python Job Board is a free resource to help members of the Python community find paid work. It is for real jobs only (that is, only for paid openings that currently exist and are actively being hired for) where the successful candidate will spend the majority of their time writing Python. If this isn't the case, the submission will most likely be rejected.

Unpaid volunteer positions will not be posted on the jobs page. If you have some Python-related volunteer post, please post a description in the Wiki on the Volunteer Opportunities page; register with the Wiki and then follow the "EditText" link on the Wiki page.

The Job Board is run by volunteers in their spare time, please be patient.

Unfortunately, we currently have volunteers only for English, please write your ad in English.

Note: Jobs must be primarily focused on Python. Please make sure your posting explains how Python is used for that specific job or your post will get rejected.

Cost: Job listings are free. Please donate to the Python Software Foundation, a US scientific and educational public charity (non-profit). US organizations and individuals may be able to claim tax exemption on donations.

Submission process

Your listing will appear on the Job Board page and the RSS feed. To make the most of this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account on and then log in to the site

  2. Submit your job posting on the job submission page. Please take these notes into account:

    • Descriptions and requirements must be in plain-text (ASCII or UTF-8). You can use ReST formatting to enhance the formatting.

      Please use a ReST capable editor such as the Online ReSt editor for checking your formatting.

      Postings failing to format correctly will get rejected.

    • Please watch out for common formatting mistakes:

      * first item
      * second item

      should be written as (note the added blank line):

      * first item
      * second item

      Bullets and paragraphs should always start in the first column:

      * correct
       * not correct
      Correct start of text...
       Incorrect start of text...

      Use '*' as bullet character, no center dots or bullets copied from Word. Those won't work in ReST.

      Empty lines separate paragraphs:

      These three lines will get merged into a single paragraph.
      First line.
      Second line.
      This is how you write lines that go into separate paragraphs:
      First paragraph.
      Second paragraph.
    • If you get a 502 Gateway Error when trying to submit a job posting, chances are high that your ReST formatting is wrong. This is a known problem. Please check your descriptions for ReST errors using the Online ReSt editor and retry.

    • Descriptions and requirements may be edited for brevity, clarity, or uniformity. Please keep your posting descriptions as short as possible. They should be a maximum of 45 lines long. These are maximum allowances, more succinct postings often elicit a better response. See the existing jobs listed for examples of acceptable posting length.

    • We will not accept postings that are considered to be highly similar to an existing submission. For example, when two recruiters are trying to fill the same position.

  3. The posting will then be reviewed by the job board team.

  4. The team will either accept your posting, in which case, it will become automatically available on the website, or reject it in case the posting doesn't fit our guidelines. In both cases, an email will be sent to the address specified in the posting.

    If the posting was rejected, you will get an additional email telling you whether there is a way to improve the posting to make it fit our guidelines. In case you want to update the posting, please resubmit it after making the necessary changes.

    Please note that the Python Job Board is maintained by volunteers. While we try to respond to requests promptly, sometimes life gets in the way. Please be patient.

  5. When the job gets filled, please let us know by emailing Job listings will be deleted after three months. We do not "bump" job postings, so please do not re-submit a job just because it is not at the top of the list.