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The PSF is the primary source of funds and resources for furthering the development and adoption of Python.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Check out our sponsor application.

Participation in the PSF Sponsorship Plan provides a way for corporations and individuals to contribute substantially to the ongoing support of the Foundation. (As distinct from one-time donations.)

In return, the PSF will officially acknowledge your donation via various methods appropriate to your sponsorship level, including your logo and link on the PSF sponsor page, and an official PSF Sponsor image to place on the sponsor's website.

The PSF would not be able to operate without the generous financial support of our corporate sponsors.

Sponsorship Levels

  • Principal: $150,000/year
  • Diamond: $70,000/year
  • Platinum: $50,000/year
  • Gold: $30,000/year
  • Silver: $15,000/year
  • Bronze: $5,000/year
  • PSF Infrastructure Sponsor: $5000/year
  • Copper: $2,000/year
  • Iron: $500/year

All levels Silver and above include participation in PyCon US and all the associated benefits

PSF Sponsor Benefits for Principal, Diamond, and Platinum levels include the following and more:

  • Listing in the PSF Newsletter
  • Preferred placement of Python case study to be posted on
  • Sponsor mentions via social media
  • Preferred placement of job listings on
  • Job tweet per job listing via social media

Who can sponsor the PSF?

Any organization is welcome to apply for sponsor membership. Approval of the membership is conditional on a vote by the PSF Sponsor Working Group, comprised of Foundation members and staff.

Sponsor Guidelines and Recommendations

The PSF is in a position to create positive change in the Python community and ask our sponsors to help us in this endeavor.

Here are some suggestions for our sponsor companies that demonstrate a willingness to help the Python community:

  • Offer to run a Python-related meetup periodically
  • Support a local meetup by providing a free venue, speakers or food and beverage
  • Sponsor PyCon and/or a regional Python conference or event
  • Support the PSF’s mission to help the language and support its communities by using OSS libraries written in Python.
  • Be a good FOSS (free and open source software) citizen
  • Develop a code of conduct that is distributed to all members of your team

Who can I talk to about supporting the PSF?

If you would like information about becoming a sponsor, please contact to discuss your Python Software Foundation partnership.

Download a copy of the PSF Sponsorship Prospectus for more details about sponsorship.

Sponsorship Renewals

Your sponsorship will run for one year after the date of receipt of payment. Two months before the end of your sponsorship, we will contact you requesting a renewal. If renewal has not occurred by the renewal date of the sponsorship, the PSF may remove the sponsor's logo from the sponsor page.